Chennai to Kalahasti Tour Package

Srikalahasti temple is one of the revered temple in the south India. It is located in Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh. Lord shiva is the main god in kalahasti. The temple has many speciality and histories to to speak about it.

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Chennai to Kalahasti tour Package
Chennai to Kalahasti Tour Package by Car

Chennai to Kalahasti Tour Package by Car

VISHNU BALAJI TRAVELS offering car rental package trip to Kalahasti from Chennai and Chennai to Kalahasti Tour Package for one day.

  • DEZIRE / ETIOS AC - 4+1 Seater - Rs.5000/-
  • TOYOTA INNOVA AC - 7+1 Seater - Rs.7500/-
  • INNOVA CRYSTA A/C - 6+1 Seater - Rs.8500/-
  • TEMPO TRAVELLER A/C - 12+1 Seater - Rs.11500/-

Facilities Included / Excluded of Chennai to Kalahasti Tour Package

  • Cost Includes: Chennai to Kalahasti temple round trip travelling will be Covered
  • Cost Includes: Toll Gate, Car Parking, Driver Beta, Entry Permit Tax, Diesel Charges
  • Cost Excludes: Kalahasti Pooja darshan Token. We can be collect pooja token on the spot, Not require online booking advancly and Your personal Expanses.
  • Chennai to Kalahasti Tour Package - Timings from 6.00 AM to 10.00 PM

Sri Kalahasti Temple History :

The word Srikalahasti is derived from 3 creatures. “Sri” refers to spider. “Kala” refers to snake. “HASTI” refers to elephant. Centuries before a snake used to worship lord shiva by taking pearls from underground. At the same time a elephant used to worship lord shiva by keeping aside the pearls and used to worship with water and flowers. So the snake decided to stay there and watch who does it. By the time elephant came and did the same. So the snake got anger and went inside the trumps of elephant. So by pain the elephant hits the head in rocks and slowly dies. The snake inside the trunk gets smashed and also dies.

A spider near the temple used to worship lord shiva daily. it used to build temple by its web. Even though the wind hits and destroys it again starts building it. So to test the spider lord shiva fired the entire web stings. So the spider got anger and went into fire.

So by seeing this lord shiva gave “VIMOKSHNAM” to these creatures. So the name “SRIKALAHASTI” is formed.


When Bramha was trying to form “KAILAAYAM” a small part fell from the sky to earth. So the place formed is said to be “SRIKALAHASTI”.


The temple is known for its “panja bootha sthalam”. It is known for lord “VAYUBHAGAVAN”. This temple is also known for “RAGU-KETHU” dhosham. People who suffer from late marriages, who suffer from medical illness also visit the temple. The lamps lighted for VAYU LINGAM will always have wave movements in it even though it has no space to allow air. So this shows the presence of VAYUBHAGVAN in this temple.

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